Joining hardibacker sheetrock

Sheetrock joining

Joining hardibacker sheetrock

( I have screwed joining it all down etc and I have the hardibacker to go up. Re: Thinset between drywall & amp; Hardibacker? I sheetrock picked up Hardibacker in 1/ 2" x 3 x 5 sheets today joining and the Hardibacker screws from Lowe' s. , add strips of wood to the studs so the cement board will be precisely flush with the old wall. Have the drywall overhang the Hardie edge tape thinset the joint on.

Guys just for the sake of argument, lets say I leave the greenboard in. If this dimension is more than 1/ 2 in. Measure the thickness of the drywall or plaster where the cement board will meet it. Hardibacker Over Drywall In Shower For years I' ve sheetrock installed 1/ 2 hardi over 30lb felt stapled to studs. Joining hardibacker sheetrock. Archive] Joining Hardibacker hardibacker to Greenboard on an Outside Corner? I was thinking put joint compound over torn paper then paint with redguard. Should I: joining a) joining Use something like Redguard over the drywall and then attach the hardibacker b) Just attach the hardibacker over the drywall?

Tile Forum/ Advice Board. I' m going to take the suggestions here run the tile slightly over the hardibacker- greenboard joint so will use fiberglass mesh " tape" , thinset on sheetrock that joint instead of mud sheetrock drywall tape. joining Last week I spoke to another contractor who uses 1/ 2 drywall over the studs. How sheetrock would you sheetrock prep the drywall for joining to hardibacker and for tiling? Also there is latex paint on the drywall that is pulling up at the edges.

Hardibacker joining

For most shower walls, the drywall installed in the home during the building phase is cut off at the edge of the shower opening, and then backer board is installed in place of the drywall in the wet areas. The backer boards are usually around a one- half- inch thick in both cases. I just think putting cement board instead of drywall will reduce the potential for water damage. a mold- resistant tile backer.

joining hardibacker sheetrock

Mudding between drywall and cement board First time mudding a room. I have a perfect seam between each piece of drywall, but when the drywall hits the cement board for the shower area, I dont know what do to.